Scratch 101: Creating a Fibonacci Number Generator in Scratch

Hello and welcome to Scratch 101! In this tutorial we will be working on creating a Fibonacci Number generator!

Finished Product:

Try to understand the logic of how these variables are functioning in the program. Also try and deduce the function of a list in Scratch. In other programming languages, these may be called arrays or vectors.

Graphical Setup:
The graphical template is located here:


Common Mistakes:
Make sure that you type in the correct numbers!

Make sure that you have set all of your variables set correctly and applied properly!

Abstract Explanation:
This program contains 1 operator, many variables, and features a list which allows us to view the Fibonacci Number generator in action!

Use Turbo Mode when running the program if you would like to generate all of your numbers immediately. 

The completed version can be found here:

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