Chemistry Subject Matter:

Who invented the mole?
The Law of Definite Proportions vs. The Law of Multiple Proportions

Chemical Reactions:
What is a Catalyst?

How many elements are on the periodic table?
Why do Noble Gases rarely form bonds with other atoms?
How many bonds can hydrogen form?
What type of bond is joining two hydrogen atoms?
How many valence electrons are in an atom of Phosphorus?
How many valence electrons does Carbon have?

Cations Explained

Polar vs. Nonpolar Molecules
Covalent Network Solids
Atomic Solids
Selenium Tetrabromide

Isotope Notation
The Lewis Dot Structure for CH4
The Lewis Dot Structure for CO2
The Lewis Dot Structure for H2O
The Lewis Dot Structure for HCN
The Lewis Dot Structure for NH3
The Lewis Dot Structure for NH4+
The Lewis Dot Structure for O2

Polarity Series: CO2, H2, NH3, CCl4, CH4, H2O, C2H2, SO2, BF3, CS2, H2S, HClIF5, CF4, CH2Cl2, CH2O, CH3Cl, HCN, N2, SO3, BCl3, CH3OH, CHCl3, NO3, O2, PCl3, SF4, XeF4, Cl2, HBr, NF3, NO2, OF2, SCl2, SF6, BeCl2, hexane, ethanol, C2H4, NOCl, NH4+, PCl5, PF3, BH3, Br2, BrF3, CBr4, H3O+, HF, NaCl, NO2+, SCN, XeF2, acetone, BrF5, CH3F, ClF3, CO, methanol, NCl3, oil, NH2, O3, PF5, PH3, SF2, SiF4, CH2F2, lipids, C2H6, CH3Br, CN, H2O2, I2, OH, SiCl4, BeF2, benzene


  1. Last time I checked a mole wasn't invented by somebody. Moles are ANIMALS and live in the ground. Leave science to the real scientists!

  2. The listing of your topics is perfect, you added all the topics which are needed by the primary school or junior college students, but in the chemical reaction topic you totally forget the periodic table concept, which helps easy to learn chemical reactions without periodic table it is impossible to understand the chemical reaction. So this is my request to you please add periodic table is your list.

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