Scratch 101: Creating a Confetti Animation

Hello and welcome to Scratch 101! In this tutorial we will be working on creating a confetti animation. 

Finished Product:

Try to understand the logic behind the different commands you drag from the control category.

Graphical Setup:
The graphical template is located here:


Confetti Animation Script

Common Mistakes:
Make sure that you type in the correct numbers!

Make sure that you have set all of your key commands correctly.

Make sure that you have the if-then containing random7 combined with if-then containing random8.

Abstract Explanation:
This code contains many if-then conditional statements, a random number generator, and a cloning mechanism. This combo allows the program to generate randomly colored squares!

Duplicate the if - then statements with the operator in them instead of manually creating each one. This will save time!
Use Turbo Mode when running the program, this will speed up the simulation which creates the confetti effect. 

The completed version can be found here: