The Lewis Dot Structure for CS2

CS2 Lewis Dot Structure
CS2 Lewis Structure. Created by MakeTheBrainHappy
This is the Lewis Dot Structure for Carbon Disulfide (CS2). As we've discussed before you could replace each bond with two electrons which would represent well how through the sharing of electrons each atom achieves a full octet. The combination of four electrons for the bonds and four electrons in lone pairs equals eight for sulfur while bonds supply eight electrons for the central carbon atom. This is a common feature for carbon as it is unlikely for this element in particular to have lone pair electrons.

The lewis dot structure for CS2 also predicts many of the properties of the molecule. Due to the presence of large sulfide atoms over for comparison oxygen atoms in CO2 the molecule has a greater capacity for temporary london dispersion forces. As a result there can be more induced dipoles which increases the solubility of CS2. The compound is slightly soluble within water and much more soluble in less polar compounds such as alcohol or even nonpolar compounds like benzene.

CS2 Liquid State
CS2 Liquid State. Source
How is CS2 utilized in the real world?

Due to the stronger induced dipoles CS2 also has a greater melting and boiling point. This means that the compound is a liquid at standard temperature and pressure. This concept is discussed further in our article on the polarity of CS2 which you can learn more about in the next section. There are only a limited number of uses for CS2 due to its pretty toxic properties. One of these uses is as a solvent for other nonpolar compounds. These include many elements like phosphorus and sulfur and also larger compounds like fats, resins and rubber. There also other uses for different chemical reactions involved in metallurgy and rubber production. One of the most popular reactions involving CS2 produces carbon tetrachloride (CCl4).

Is CS2 polar or nonpolar?

If you are interested in learning more about this subject, feel free to read this article on whether CS2 is polar or nonpolar. The article will also discuss some of the ways in which CS2 differs from CO2. In addition it will also go into the underlying reasons behind the determination of CS2s polarity.

Volcanic Eruption
Volcanic eruption. Source
How can CS2 be formed naturally?

CS2 (carbon disulfide) can be formed naturally by volcanic eruptions or in marshes. The way this reaction occurs is actually very compatible with how you can see the molecule within the Lewis Dot Structure. Elemental carbon and sulfide combine at very high temperatures to form CS2. However, it should be noted that there is only a very small amount of the compound formed in this process. 


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