The Sprite and the Stage in Scratch

In addition to motion, the Sprite has many built in commands.
Say and Think Blocks w/ Translated Effects
Examples of built-in commands with their effects on sprite behavior (think and say).
Changing Sprite Size (Format: Before, Change, After)

Change Size Block with Effects (Before and After)
Effect of changing sprite size. 
Size changed based on percentage (%).

Set Sprite Size and Effects
Effect of changing sprite size by percentage.
Changing Effects (Format: Before, Change, After)

Four Graphic Effects (Color, Fisheye, Whirl, Pixelate)
Graphic effects built into the Scratch editor including color, fisheye, whirl and pixelate.
Graphic Effects Part 2 (mosaic, brightness, ghost and clear)
Four more built-in graphic effects (mosaic, brightness, ghost, and clear)
Let’s combine the effects!

Combined Graphic Effects Before and After
Combined Graphic Effects (Ghost, Pixelate, Fisheye, Brightness, Whirl, Color)
A Vanishing Act (Format: Before, Change, After)

Effects of show/hide blocks on sprite
Show/Hide Blocks with Effects
Layers (Format: Before, Change, After)

Example of Layers in Scratch
Back and Front Layers (see how the Apples are stacked on each other)
Costumes and Backdrops (drawing and creating Sprites)

Graphical Painting Interface
Graphical Painting Interface within Scratch 

Short Activities: 

Write a story told by the Scratch Cat that utilizes five speaking blocks.

Create a program where one of the effects is being continuously changed (remember the forever loop).

Imagine the stage being a rectangle. As you move closer to the edges (WASD controls), have one or more effects become more pronounced (i.e. more extreme; of greater value). 

Longer Activity (Simon Memory Skill Game)

Simon Memory Skill Game Interface
Simon Memory Skill Game Interface w/ Four Sprites
Simon Memory Skill Painting Costume for each block
Graphics Interface for Simon Memory Skill Block (i.e. needs two color settings per sprite)

Draw and structure the graphics for the Simon “Memory Skill” Game (see example to the right and below)

Repeat the setup to the left for all four sprites (the four cubes)

Code a script to switch between the two costumes based on key commands for one of the four sprites. 

Change this script to create a specific sequence of costumes changes (i.e. the order in which they light up)

Random Block
Random Number Generator
Implement the random number generator to create random sequences/patterns for the sequence of sprites "lighting up".  

This activity was taken from a Scratch 2.0 lesson idea: Creating "Simon" - a Memory Skill Game

Appendix: Learn about the difference between the bitmap and vector editors:

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