Deponent Forms of the Subjunctive in Latin

Deponents are verbs existing in all four conjugations which are passive in form and active in meaning. These kinds of verbs only have three principal parts for the rules are slightly altered (as shown in the chart below).

The perfect system is very similar to the regular subjunctive formations. You use the 3rd principal part which is analogous to the 4th for both tenses. For the perfect tense you include the present active subjunctive form of the verb of being (sum, esse, fui, futurum). For the pluperfect tense you use the imperfect active form of the verb of being.

The present subjunctive is also formed in a similar. You start with the stem from the second principal part, use we fear a liar, and then add on the P.E. (passive present).

For the imperfect subjunctive you take the 2nd PP (passive infinitive) and recreate the active infinitive). Then you add on your passive P.E. (as you did with regular subjunctive mood imperfect tense verbs).

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