Is OF2 Polar or Nonpolar?

Answer: OF2 is a polar molecule due to the presence of lone-pair electrons on the central oxygen molecule leading to electron-electron repulsion. This in turn causes the structure to be bent and thereby unequally distributes charge within the molecule. 

Due to the electronegativity of fluorine (3.98) cancelling out the partial negative charge associated with the two lone pairs of electrons on the oxygen atom, the structure does not have a great dipole moment. As a result the melting point and boiling point of this structure are -224°C and -145°C, respectively. This means that the compound is a gas at standard temperature and pressure. When combined with water, oxygen difluoride produces hydrogen fluoride (HF) and diatomic oxygen (O2)

OF2 Ball and Stick Model
OF2 Ball and Stick Model. Created with MolView.
How is OF2 utilized in the real world?

Due to the presence of quite electronegative fluorine (3.98) and oxygen (3.44) atoms, OF2 is an extremely strong oxidizer being able to easily remove electrons from compounds within reaction chains. It is also utilized to add either oxygen or fluorine atoms to a wide variety of products. However its use is also limited by these oxidizing properties. OF2 is a considered a poisonous gas that rapidly reacts with many different compounds including water vapor to produce other toxic products. Therefore it is recommended that this compound be handled with extreme caution.

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