Ski Patrol Trail Condition Questions


Figure 1: Ski Slope, Full View Uphill

Figure 2: Marking, Skier's Left

Figure 3: Marking, Skier's Right

The ski slope is marked as shown in Figures 1-3

  1. When assessing the risk of hypothermia in the depicted environment, which factor is most critical? A. Wind chill
    B. Proximity to a heat source
    C. Time of day
    D. Visibility
    E. Wildlife activity

  2. Considering avalanche safety, which of the following should be regularly checked in such an environment?
    A. Snowpack stability
    B. Forecasted temperatures
    C. Pathway obstructions
    D. Wildlife migration patterns
    E. Trail markers

  3. What is the primary concern for ski patrol when the snow on the trees is as heavy as shown?
    A. Ensuring visibility of trail markers
    B. Monitoring for signs of tree falls
    C. Clearing pathways of snow
    D. Checking for frozen lakes
    E. Patrolling for lost skiers

  4. Given the conditions shown, what is the most likely cause of a trail closure?
    A. Ice formation on the path
    B. Low visibility due to fog
    C. Snow overload on branches
    D. Inaccessibility due to heavy snowfall
    E. Daylight limitations

  5. Which of these is an essential communication tool for teams in such remote and snowy conditions? A. Mobile phone
    B. Two-way radio
    C. Public address system
    D. Satellite phone
    E. Megaphone

  6. When marking hazards on the trail, what characteristic of the markers is most crucial?
    A. Height above the snow
    B. Color contrast with the environment
    C. Frequency along the trail
    D. Reflectiveness
    E. Size of the marker

  7. What environmental change should be most closely monitored to prevent hypothermia and frostbite in patrollers?
    A. Snow density
    B. Ambient temperature
    C. Humidity levels
    D. Wind speed
    E. Barometric pressure

  8. For patrollers conducting a search operation, what is the most significant terrain challenge indicated by the images?
    A. Steep inclines
    B. Open crevasses
    C. Dense forest areas
    D. Snow-covered paths
    E. Icy patches

  9. During end-of-day checks, what is a key environmental sign that patrollers should report?
    A. Decreasing temperatures
    B. Changes in snow texture
    C. Animal tracks
    D. Partially covered trail markers
    E. Melting snow around water bodies


  1. A
  2. A
  3. B
  4. D
  5. B
  6. B
  7. B
  8. C
  9. D


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