Creating a Millisecond Clock in Scratch

Welcome back! In this tutorial we will learn how to create an accurate millisecond clock (i.e. a clock that shows milliseconds). Although it will be difficult to follow the count with your eyes, you will begin to understand the difficulties associated with accurately keeping track of time during projects. Although many projects do not require a degree of accuracy to milliseconds, some animations may require this to function properly.

At the time this project was designed by @makethebrainhappy, this is the most accurate timer on the Scratch website.

Objective: To learn how to utilize the "timer" and other features related to time within the Scratch interface.

Final Product:

Please note that I overlayed the tab on the Scratch project to note how the Scratch "seconds" variable pulls from the actual time in seconds.   

Graphical Template: Link (for this tutorial you can put the scripts into the background - you can place any non-sprite related blocks in this workspace).


Millisecond Timer Script

How accurate is the millisecond timer really?

We can test out this theory by slowing down the video and seeing if the millisecond timer speed matches up with the change in seconds (i.e. 1000 milliseconds pass for each second).

Watch the video and see whether the millisecond timer works!

Completed Project: Link

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