Creating a Symmetrical Drawer in Scratch

Welcome back! In this tutorial we will be creating a "symmetrical drawer" in Scratch. You will still control a single pen point but whenever you draw three other points forming a rectangle around the origin (0,0), also known as the center of the stage, will also draw. This application will permit the creation of more complex symmetrical shapes than the simpler drawing application we created in the last post. As a reminder, you can extend this series of lessons by creating your own home-made digital stylus (tutorial located here).

Thank you to kenny2scratch for suggesting this tutorial idea. 

Objective: Learn how to program with multiple sprites and utilize "slider" variables effectively. In addition to this, we are strengthening the skills from the previous lesson's objective.

Final Product: 

Graphical Template: (the "see inside" button will pull up the programming interface)

As a reminder, you will need to install the pen extension in order to complete this tutorial:

Extension addition button
Select the "Extension addition" button
pen extension selection Scratch
Select the pen extension.

Sprite "Draw1"

Draw1 Sprite

Sprite "Draw2"

Draw2 Sprite

Sprite "Draw3"

Draw3 Sprite

Sprite "Draw4"

Draw4 Sprite

Tips: In order to duplicate a script into another sprite, grab the stack of blocks and place it onto the sprite to where you want to code to be copied. 

Troubleshooting: Make sure that the correct scripts are in the correct sprites!

Extension: See what other variables with the pen could be controlled by a slider in a similar manner to the color feature. What is the shortest range of numbers that will allow you to scroll through the entire color scale? How could be get the stylus indicators to show the color we are drawing with rather than show a random scale?

Completed Program: Link

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