The Odyssey Book 12 Practice Multiple Choice [National Mythology Exam 2020 Section Practice]

According to the bibliography for the National Mythology Exam 2020, the Odyssey section will include questions relating to Book 12: the sea trials (near the end of the flashback narrative of Odysseus's wanderings). Here are some practice multiple choice for that section:

1.) On whose island do Odysseus and his men arrive at the beginning of Book 12?
A.) Calypso
B.) King Pelias
C.) Agamemnon
D.) Circe

2.) Who destroyed Odysseus's ship in Book 12?
A.) Zeus
B.) Charybdis
C.) Scylla
D.) The Cyclops

3.) Where are Odysseus and his men headed?
A.) Mainland Greece
B.) Troy
C.) Ithaca
D.) Crete

The next four questions relate to the following passage: 

"But why should I tell thee this tale? For it was but yesterday that I told it in thy hall to thyself and to thy noble wife. It is an irksome thing, me seems, to tell again a plain-told tale." - The Odyssey

4.) Who is the speaker?
A.) Odysseus
B.) Circe
C.) Telemachus
D.) Eurylochus

5.) Who is the direct audience ("thyself and thy noble wife")?
A.) The King and Queen of the Phaeacians
B.) The King and Queen of the Minoans
C.) The King and Queen of the Ithacan people
D.) The King and Queen of the Athenians

6.) What is "this tale" related to considering this quote is from the very end of Book 12?
A.) The Sirens
B.) Helios Island
C.) Calypso's Island
D.) The Argonauts

7.) What is the narrative technique being employed in Book 12 as a whole?
A.) Frameshift
B.) Flashback
C.) Cause-Effect
D.) Compare and Contrast

8.) When they went by the sirens, Odysseus's men stuffed their ears with
A.) Nothing
B.) Wax
C.) Wool
D.) Wheat

The next two questions relate to the following passage: 

"Rash man, lo, now again thy heart is set on the deeds of war and on toil. Wilt thou not yield even to the immortal gods?" - The Odyssey

9.) Who is the speaker?
A.) Circe
B.) Odysseus
C.) Helios
D.) Zeus

10.) Which of the following characters is immortal?
A.) Eurylochus
B.) Charybdis
C.) Odysseus
D.) Jason

Answer Key (highlight the text): 1.) D 2.) A 3.) C 4.) A 5.) D 6.) C 7.) B 8.) B 9.) A 10.) B

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