Does the Lewis Dot Structure for O2 Contain a Triple Bond?

Answer: The lewis dot structure for O2 does not contain a triple bond because this would break the octet rule.

By the octet rule, if their were a triple bond between two oxygens each would share six electrons and thereby be left with three lone pairs in their valence shells. This would add up to a total of nine electrons which is greater than eight. This would from a conceptual standpoint place to much negative charge in the region between the two oxygen atoms and would thereby be electronically unfavorable. This would in turn lead to a triple bond being an unstable confirmation.

The correct configuration with a double bond is shown as a ball and stick model below. To see the full Lewis Dot Structure and learn more about the O2 molecule, feel free to read this article about the Lewis Dot Structure for O2.

O2 Ball and Stick Model
O2 Ball and Stick Model. Created with Avagadro.

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