ALIRA Unofficial Practice Test 1

The ALIRA Test is a reading comprehension test for Latin with a variety of passages ranging from historical narratives to modern articles. Scores are measured on a range from N1-5 to A with I1-5 in between. You can see a sample score report here. The Language Testing International Organization has released a practice exam, available here. This practice exam is based on the structure of the official sample test, providing those interested with unofficial materials to study with. The questions generally increase in difficulty as you move through the texts and are taken from a wide range of sources. Currently, there is no way to assess the level of each question, but generally the first questions are equivalent to novice levels and the final questions are equivalent to the intermediate levels. Good Luck!

Imperium Romanum
Source: Lingua Latīna Per Sē Illūstrāta Pars I: Familia Rōmāna

Which of the following would the ships trade with?
A.) Oppidum
B.) Fluvius
C.) Insula
D.) None of the Above

The image above is related to
A.) Funerals
B.) Schools
C.) Marriages
D.) Economics

Source: Wheelock’s Sixth Edition

Whom is Martial addressing?
A.) Himself
B.) Fidentius
C.) a Male
D.) Recitas

“In primis annis Romani habuerunt reges. Reges fuerunt Etrusci. Etrusci erant in throno Romano.”
Source: Latin by the Natural Method
Who ruled Rome?
A.) The Romans
B.) The Etruscans
C.) Roman Kings
D.) Etruscan Kings

Latin Wiki
Source: The Latin Wikipedia News Page

What happens to the Capital?
A.) The citizens recreate it like it was in 1991
B.) The president gave an address in Astana
C.) The capital city was renamed to “Nursultan”
D.) The president left office.

Washington Uni
Source: Western Washington University

What is the origin of the cold air?
A.) Canada
B.) Mississippi
C.) Louisiana
D.) Georgia


What is going on in this passage?
A.) The Roman Senate debates going to war with Carthage
B.) The Carthaginian Senate debates going to war with Rome
C.) The Carthaginian Senate discusses the command of Hasdrubal
D.) The Carthaginian Senate discusses the command of Hannibal

Via Latin
Source: Via Latin; An Easy Latin Reader

Why did Pelias wish to kill Jason?
A.) He wanted to become king
B.) He felt that Jason was a danger to the Kingdom
C.) He had abducted the king
D.) He didn’t.

A first Latin reader
Source: A First Latin Reader (1912)

What prevented Columbus from traveling on the sea?
A.) Family Obligations
B.) Money
C.) Care
D.) Danger

Fabulae Facilis
Source: Fabulae Facilis

What did Laomedon not wish to do?
A.) Be in the favor of Neptune and Apollo
B.) Pay for the services of Neptune and Apollo
C.) Ask Neptune and Apollo for good fortune
D.) Increase tribute to Neptune and Apollo

Eo nomine senatus decretis honorificis in ordinem suum me adlegit, C. Pansa et A. Hirtio consulibus, consularem locum sententiae dicendae tribuens, et imperium mihi dedit. Res publica ne quid detrimenti caperet, me propraetore simul cum consulibus providere iussit. Populus autem eodem anno me consulem, cum cos. uterque bello cecidisset, et triumvirum rei publicae constituendae creavit. - Octavian
Source: Res Gestae Divi Augusti

With what rank did Octavian gain imperium?
A.) Tribune
B.) Propraetor
C.) Consulship
D.) Triumvir

Answer Key (highlight it): 1.) A 2.) B 3.) B 4.) D 5.) C 6.) A 7.) D 8.) A 9.) B 10.) B 11.) B


  1. Thanks so much for this! I'm trying to improve my students' performance on this test, but it's so hard to find practice materials.

  2. This was amazing. Magistra MARCUS USED THIS TO ACE HIS EXAM