Scratch 101: Space Slideshow

Hello and welcome to Scratch 101! In this tutorial we will be learning to create a slideshow in multiple ways with different levels of abstraction.  

Learn how to create a slideshow. Key topics include loops, conditionals, and input devices. 

Final Project:
Space Slideshow! Example Image/Preview:
Graphical Setup:
The graphical template is located here:
Lesson Notes:
Notice that their are two ways to create the slideshow effect. The first script checks at regular intervals to see if their was a key press as opposed to the second script which is more abstract and knows exactly when the space bar was pressed. If you are unfamiliar with abstraction, then make sure to check out this tutorial.


  • Change the number of seconds in the wait block. What happens? 
  • What happens if both scripts are present in your program at the same time?
  • Add program documentation (comments) explaining the purpose of each segment of code. 
  • Research the 2D Cartesian System and how Scratch utilizes this for the stage feature. 

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