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Source: Met Museum of Art. Imperial Augustan Era.
The study of classics is one which combines language, history and cultural study into one field. Each civilization has their own traditions, and thereby their own “classics.” In the East some may point to the Confucian classics or other ancient texts, while in Western Civilization many will point to Ancient Greek and Latin texts.

It is these civilizations which will be at the forefront of a new project: MakeTheBrainHappy – Classical Studies. The reasoning for this project is the same as all other resources on these pages: to distribute information in a free, compact, and helpful manner. There are certainly many other resources for some specific ideas, but this project intends to combine the study of language, culture and history into one place. This is why it has been given the title of “Classical Studies”.

Instead of regular static text pages, videos with illustrative visuals have been created. All information and image content are sourced using URL links. Some topics will be familiar fables while others are obscure events. 90%+ of the videos are under five minutes. This format will continue for the foreseeable future.

Topics for the channel at the present time include the Latin Language, Roman History, Roman Culture, Ancient Greek History, Ancient Greek Culture, and Ancient Geography. The amount of content likewise will continue to grow as more videos are created.

            Some of the information is organized in YouTube Playlists, but these are sometimes inadequate when a viewer seeks information about the individual videos. Therefore a “classics” page has been created which organizes the information in a logical manner.

            Thank you for your continued support of these endeavors!

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