Scratch 101: Checking for Palindromes

Hello and welcome to Scratch 101! In this tutorial we will be creating a program which checks for palindromes. A palindrome is any word/concept which reads the same in the forward direction as in the backwards direction. For example the word "racecar" is a palindrome because reading it from the right of the left gives you the same word. For a longer list of examples, please see this page.

To learn what the "ceiling" function is.

End Result:
Write the word "racecar" in the program. It should return this result:

Graphical Setup:
The graphical template is located here:
This goes into the Cow Sprite.

Common Mistakes:

  • Make sure that you type in the correct numbers!

  • Make sure that you have set all of your variables set correctly and applied properly!

The completed version can be found here: