Scratch 101: Creating a Platformer Game "To New Lands"

Hello and welcome to Scratch 101! In this lesson we will learn how to create a platformer named "To New Lands". The theme of the platformer is sailing to new destinations using a sailboat, which serves as the main character of the platformer. 

How to Play
You need to complete 10 levels of the platformer using a character. Avoid the red blocks/color. You control your character using the arrow keys. 

Finished Product:

Graphical Setup:
The graphical template is located here:

First three are combined into one script! (They all go into the sailboat)

Common Mistakes:
Make sure that you type in the correct numbers!

Make sure that you have set all of your variables set correctly and applied properly!

Make sure that you have your commands and colors set correctly!

Try to use the painting graphics to add more levels to your game!

Try and use the wall jump to help complete the levels. It will make the game much easier!

The completed version can be found here: