Different Types of Blocks in Scratch

These are the different types of blocks in Scratch based off of how they operate. 

Conditionals: This is a block which allows for a condition/value to be specified which allows something to occur. These blocks are mostly found in the operator and sensor categories. Example = green block in the picture. 

Variables: These blocks usually store a value. These values could be inputs from the user of a program or values from inside of the program. These blocks are found in all categories besides pen, events, and control. Ex = orange block in the picture. 

Commands: This type of block executes a command on the spot. It may change a variable, or perform/initiate another action. This is the most common block type and is found in all the categories. Ex = blue block in the picture. 

Ending Commands: These blocks finish an action/program entirely. They are only found in the control category. Ex = yellow block in the picture. 

Initiation: These blocks allow the program to start or are the receivers of commands to initiate a new action. They are found in the control and events categories. Ex = brown block in the picture.  

Definitions: Definitions allow you to define functions in the custom blocks category. These blocks are also used as receivers of these new functions. 

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