The Private Life of the Romans (EBook)

Summary: Enjoy an EBook recommendation: The Private Life of the Romans by Harold Johnston. It discusses Roman culture, life, household structures, architecture, and religious customs.

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Transcript: Salvete omnes! Today I would like to share another online resource which I found on Forum Romanum *dot* org. It is an e-book called The Private Life of the Romans by Harold Johnston. It was written in 1903 but it still contains a lot of important information about Roman life, household organization, architecture, and religious customs. You can see the full table of contents to the left-hand side. It is organized in the following manner. At the top of the page there is a description of what that chapter will be discussing. Each of these numbers corresponds with paragraphs sections which provide the information about that topic. It uses many images to display different parts and customs and provide evidence for the points made in the paragraphs - and it includes Latin words in italics which provide a lot of specific important vocabulary for understanding Roman customs in original text. Overall it is a great resource about Roman culture. It is also recommended by the Junior Classical League as it is one of the sources which they use for their Certamen contests. Good luck in your Latin studies and thank you for listening!

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