Projects with Python

Chebyshev Bias - As an exploration into number theory, this program finds examples of when the number of 4k+1 primes is greater than or equal to the number of 4k + 3 primes.

Creating an Online Repository of Scratch Forum Search Data - Building off of work done with the Scratch Announcements Directory [1] in creating better search services for the community, this project utilizes a python script to pull down all 270,000 threads' metadata across thirty-six different forum categories into a sqlite3 database. This was published via a heroku applet to the web utilizing the datasette library.

Lemoine's Conjecture Verified to 10^10 - In another examination of how computer science can be applied to number theory, this project attempts to verify Lemoine's Conjecture, an unsolved math query, for an expanded range of numbers over previous attempts. The results of these efforts have been documented as "evidence" for the conjecture [2].

Probability Distribution Example (w/ the NYC Tree Census): Generating normal probability distributions for the London Planetree, the most popular tree variety in NYC.



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