Updates and Website Development

Currently makethebrainhappy.com is being redesigned. While this is occurring, some of the features found on the website may not be fully operational. We apologize in advanced for any issues.

One of the temporary matters is that the site header does not have the proper links. Here they are for you, so that you can still browse your favorite pages!

We thank you for your patience!

Articles: http://www.makethebrainhappy.com/p/articles_1.html

Blog: www.makethebrainhappy.com

Google Sites Advice: http://www.makethebrainhappy.com/p/google-sites-help.html

Our Other Websites: http://www.makethebrainhappy.com/p/our-other-websites.html

Scratch Lessons: http://www.makethebrainhappy.com/p/blog-page_29.html

Vex Robotics: http://www.makethebrainhappy.com/p/vex-robotics.html

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